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28 Jul 2015 1:15 pm

Soon we will ad some new chat sites like Egypt chat room for those who wants to chat with strangers online in egypt, chat to strangers online in bangalore, some of them surely wants to talk to strangers online about your problems, love etc... These are chat with strangers examples... thank you for visiting us!

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Even though you're allowed to find love, please note that this is not like an online dating service website. Friends login to meet old classmates and build business relationships.



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chat with strangers (Guest)  
01 Jun 2015 9:33 am

Channel was created at Mon Feb 9 2015 02:54:47 PM
[11:32:30] You are now talking in #ichat with strangers in usa.
[11:32:43] plonko joined the channel.
[11:32:44] <Babadook> all just city boys craving beavers
[11:32:45] <^Brattzz^> yes,,I tend to think that dogs do smile..
[11:32:46] jordaniaanf has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
[11:32:55] <Babadook> hunt
[11:32:57] plonko has left the channel. ("Reason filtered")

chat2000 (Guest)  
30 May 2015 8:20 am

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[10:19:23] <greenviolet> mp3 [Andrs Segovia-Asturias] - (6:22/128kbps) stuff
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[10:19:59] <orangegreen_ape> YES
[10:20:04] carolina21 joined the channel.
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chat strangers usa (Guest)  
29 May 2015 9:04 am

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chat bot (Guest)  
28 May 2015 1:21 pm

You are now talking in #30_something.
[15:19:48] <oheyall> cool nadal
[15:19:48] <InvisibleMan> fantastic
[15:19:53] Demian joined the channel.
[15:19:57] <Zombie^Queen> I'm in California
[15:20:15] <InvisibleMan> california girls they'll melt your popsicle
[15:20:16] carolina19 joined the channel.
[15:20:24] <Zombie^Queen> augh ut oud I
[15:20:28] <oheyall> zombie queen thsi dude says hes the real tennis player

chat with strangers (Guest)  
22 May 2015 9:54 am

Channel was created at Mon Feb 9 2015 02:54:47 PM
[11:52:41] You are now talking in #icq_usa.
[11:53:04] <GuestADSaD> sicilia is again hiding in usa room undermiming what a 'mod' is supposed to do...this administration is a parody of itself...a rather pathetic existence sicilia lives...committed to stalking and being a troll with a kick button
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[11:53:32] Vickinz has quit (XMLSocket Connection closed).
[11:53:33] <restless> if happiness be condition to existence life would be appropriately hard
[11:53:33] <Zenith678> So no discussions here then?

chat with strangers (Guest)  
21 May 2015 7:03 am

Channel was created at Mon Feb 9 2015 02:54:47 PM
[09:02:26] You are now talking in #ichat_usa.
[09:02:37] <ask_an_imam> if u do Jihad you can go to heaven on first class flying carpet
[09:02:41] drunk_m joined the channel.
[09:02:46] Guest36719 joined the channel.
[09:02:47] <ask_a_rabbi> i'm not here to mess up the channel or try to convert anyone. i'm just available for questions. is my presence is disturbing you?
[09:02:52] <pepelovesyou> how do you "embrace" an abstract subject?
[09:02:55] onthat8143 has quit (Connection closed).

chat77 (Guest)   Italy
18 May 2015 10:00 am

ciao ragazzeeee

chat stranger (Guest)  
16 May 2015 7:34 am

yeqqq> hi eric
[09:32:50] <Kenza_> FATIMAH , you need glasses Girl
[09:32:52] <TrueMan> i c q
[09:32:54] mmm joined the channel.
[09:32:55] <Guest43065> What is your career,Eric?
[09:32:59] <Ghio> it is indeed a good question , that what ICQ means
[09:33:06] <Ghio> FATIMAH , you need glasses Girl
[09:33:07] <ArGuy> Icq = I seek you
[09:33:09] <Eric48> career?
[09:33:15] <Kenza_> Ghio , you're repeating my words